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Friday Evening Service (810)

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NFR Friday Night BBG Shabbat

Jeffrey Cohen | Custom Friday Evening | Nov 5, 2009

NFR Friday Night BBG Shabbat service. The programming folds and some important Jewish values are represented by various prayers. The service is constituted with prayers and tunes that most people know, and the feeling is supposed to be very warm and friendly. It's a great sisterhood service!

Shayna's Service

Shayna Kreisler | Custom Friday Evening | Mar 16, 2010

A service built for the Darim Community

Adonai Zuckerberg

Marissa Feinman | Custom Friday Evening | Dec 16, 2009

We will be doing a creative facebook service where each group creates a wall post for God based on the theme of two prayers that they choose from this service.

Pixar service!

Lindsey Rubinstein | Custom Friday Evening | Feb 5, 2010

A Friday night service that is something to remember! This service takes people on a trip through Pixar movies, identifying how these movies relate to Jewish ideals

Kabbalat Shabbat

David Henig | Custom Friday Evening | Feb 9, 2010

Plain Kabbalat Shabbat

Stephen's Prayers

Stephen Freudenberg | Custom Friday Evening | Feb 18, 2010

Our First BAP

Casey Sheldon | Custom Friday Evening | Feb 19, 2010

Just testing this out.

Adam's Awesome Service

Yael Mazor | Custom Friday Evening | Feb 19, 2010



Cory L | Custom Friday Evening | Feb 22, 2010

CBLO Havdallah


Joseph roberts | Custom Friday Evening | Feb 23, 2010


Chazak AZA's Passover Shabbat

Ben Bergman | Custom Friday Evening | Mar 11, 2010


rick bialac | Custom Friday Evening | Feb 25, 2010

Toga shabbas brief service

Samuel Levine | Custom Friday Evening | Mar 4, 2010

Its a brief and easy friday night service with transliterations. great for a quick service. good fun prayers

Jersey Shore Shabbat Service

Suzy Livingston | Custom Friday Evening | Mar 12, 2010

The traditional Service with a touch of the Shore

Melanie's bat mitzbah

Tannoz Bahremand | Custom Friday Evening | Mar 8, 2010

Friday Kabbalat Shabbat for Seniors

Min Kantrowitz | Custom Friday Evening | Mar 8, 2010

Kabbalat Shabbat for small group of Seniors

Erich Weiss Friday Night Services

Omri Russo | Custom Friday Evening | Mar 8, 2010

A service with prayers that everyone can sing along to.

Shabbat Rocks!

TBS Youth | Custom Friday Evening | Mar 9, 2010

March 12

Karie Davidson | Custom Friday Evening | Mar 12, 2010

Namaste Shabbat

Samantha Berenstein | Custom Friday Evening | Mar 15, 2010

Yoga Service-Post Rush There is no commentary because we are using a yoga book to explain the poses we will do throughout the prayers!

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