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Friday Evening Service (2,038)

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Schindler Shabbat

Jaclyn Jacyln | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 7, 2010

Complete Friday Evening Guide.

Chana Leah Spring Shabbat

Emily Gorby | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 8, 2010

A basic service for Chana Leah BBG #2526. All jewish teens can easily follow

Chana Leah Shabbat For Sisters

Emily Gorby | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 8, 2010

Friday night Shabbat for the beautiful girls of Chana Leah BBG #2526

AZA Kabbalat Shabbat

Joseph Brachfeld | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 8, 2010

AZA Shabbat Services for Friday Night at Kallah!

Lubel/Barnston Friday Evening Service

Greg Sutton | Pluralistic Friday Evening | Apr 8, 2010

Regular Friday evening service with facts about Ethiopian children and pictures

Bianca's Friday Evening Service

Bianca Buium | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 9, 2010

Campfire Service

Rebecca Getto | Pluralistic Friday Evening | Apr 11, 2010

Friday night service for around the camp fire. Sing your favorite camp songs between prayers to add some fun to the beging of shabbat

6th Grade Retreat

Rachel Kasten | Pluralistic Friday Evening | Apr 13, 2010

Davidson Friday Night Service

Aaron Hovey | Traditional Friday Evening | Apr 14, 2010

Davidson shabbat firday night dinner

Friday Evening Service

Denise Silva | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 19, 2010


Heidi Coretz | Pluralistic Friday Evening | Apr 21, 2010

Hillel Friday night service

SMU Hillel Friday Night Service

Nathan Mitzner | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 21, 2010

This service is catered to all the Jewish students at SMU, UTD, UNT, and other Jewish students in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. It is a very open service that invites you to sing along and have a good time.

All about Israel

Nathaniel Maor | Traditional Friday Evening | Apr 21, 2010

Hillel II

Heidi Coretz | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 22, 2010

Hillel Friday Night Service - Short Form

Hillel Shabbat Service

Nathan Mitzner | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 22, 2010

Hillel Shabbat

Strings Attached @ AJ

Howard Glantz | Pluralistic Friday Evening | Apr 23, 2010

Temple Sinai 1

David Caplin | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 24, 2010

Mommy and Me Shabbat Service

Natasha Madorsky | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 25, 2010

This service was made to accompany the "You Go Girl" script.

Tots to Teens

Richard ROSENFIELD | Custom Friday Evening | Apr 26, 2010

AZA Shabbat: Theatrical Prayer

Gabriel Aptekar | Pluralistic Friday Evening | Apr 26, 2010

Taking the lessons we learn from one thing in life and using them towards another is a valuable skill. It enables us to bring new meaning into the things we do without having to change them. One thing that I have learned a lot from is being in theater. Many things which I have learned while being in shows will strongly benefit me later in life. So I was thinking, what would happen if we took a Friday night service and added in little things from theater? Its time for us to find out in this AZA Shabbat service sprinkled with Theater.

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