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Saturday Evening Service (462)

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LSR Havdalah

Gabriel Aptekar | Pluralistic Saturday Evening | Apr 4, 2010

Basic Havdallah

Shapiro Havdala

Andrew Alter | Pluralistic Saturday Evening | Apr 4, 2010

basic havdala service

Disney Princess Havdallah Service

Chloe Logan | Pluralistic Saturday Evening | Apr 9, 2010

This service aims to show BBGs the princess within each and every one of us. Through traditional Havdallah prayers, this service shows how the meanings of these prayers relate to Disney princesses.

SRC Havdalah

Allison Poweski | Traditional Saturday Evening | Apr 22, 2010

Quick, simple Havdalah service

Havdallah Service

Josh Meliker | Traditional Saturday Evening | Apr 24, 2010

A traditional Havdallah Service


Josh Meliker | Traditional Saturday Evening | Apr 24, 2010

Havdallah Service

ABC's of BBG

Shoshana Weiner | Traditional Saturday Evening | Apr 24, 2010

ETC Havdallah Service

Allie Ravid | Pluralistic Saturday Evening | Apr 28, 2010

ETC 2010 Havdallah

Lubel Havdalah Service

Greg Sutton | Pluralistic Saturday Evening | May 3, 2010

Havdallah Service

jessica Stein | Pluralistic Saturday Evening | May 6, 2010

Chaia BBG #220's MIT session Havdalah!

Sydney Ungar | Pluralistic Saturday Evening | May 6, 2010

This provides information for our new MIT's about our chapter and about BBYO, while still completing a Havdalah service!

Keshet Havdalah

Feivel Strauss | Traditional Saturday Evening | May 22, 2010

Traditional havdalah

saturday night service

michelle gold | Traditional Saturday Evening | May 28, 2010

this service is to thank god for shabbat and a great week and hoping to have a good week next week


Hannah Pszenica | Pluralistic Saturday Evening | May 28, 2010

Saturday Night Live

| Traditional Saturday Evening | Jun 1, 2010

My service is a fun and enjoyable serivce. We are saying good bye to the Shabbith and hello to a good full week. Sometimes during the week we get overwhlemed and stressed and maybe forgot abut God, but this serivce will allow you to concentrate on praying to God and thanking for the Shabbot that you just had. We will sing songs that are meaningful and fun. But we will also do some heartfelt and needed prayer. I choose Saturday Night Live for my name because it will be a fun and interacted service that many will want to attend. Every week we will do a scene that Comedy Centra's Saturday Night Live did and try to understand what it meant and maybe could relate to the torah or Judaism. (examples: Jewish Actor, Holiday) Everyone will want to come to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!!

Chevrah's Princess Havdallah!

Arielle Braude | Pluralistic Saturday Evening | Jun 1, 2010


Hallie Saber | Traditional Saturday Evening | Jun 5, 2010

a brief havdallah service for saturday night

Hatikvah Havdalah

| Traditional Saturday Evening | Jun 6, 2010

Hey this is the havdalah service for Hatikvah!

Moishe House Philly Havdalah Service

Brian Cohen | Pluralistic Saturday Evening | Jun 12, 2010

Havdalah for MHP.


Andrea Lefton | Traditional Saturday Evening | Jun 19, 2010


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