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Saturday Morning Service (1,166)

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Rachel Heilbronner | Traditional Saturday Morning | Aug 29, 2009

Judaism and the Environment for a Saturday morning

wendy's awesome service (jews only)

Saul Brodsky | Traditional Saturday Morning | Aug 30, 2009

awesome jewish service w/ meditation

NFR Kallah Saturday shabbat services 2010

Sabrina Lichtenstein | Custom Saturday Morning | Dec 15, 2009

Mountain Region Schararit

Shayna Kreisler | Traditional Saturday Morning | Dec 21, 2009

Mountain Region Morning Schacharit Services

Ohana Means Family, Family Means No One Gets Left Behind or Forgotten.

gregory Baron | Custom Saturday Morning | Feb 7, 2010

Our service is all about the relationship between Hawaiian culture and the culture that we've developed in Judaism. The service is going to have a very communal feel, seeing as it is all about the family as well as the family that develops in BBG. We are going to focus in on the significance of the hula dance, and how it is supposed to tell a story. We are all going to be creating our own dances, which have strong connections to some prayers in order to tell our own stories.

Hanukkah service

Allie Blank | Traditional Saturday Morning | Feb 18, 2010

This service is perfect to celebrate the spirit of Hanukkah by focusing on dreidals. It involves making edible dreidals by the end of the service. It kept all of the participants very involved and interested in the service.

WADEL 2010 Retreat Saturday Morning service

Kayley Romick | Custom Saturday Morning | Feb 18, 2010


Sari Waldman | Traditional Saturday Morning | Feb 21, 2010

Winter Convention Saturday Morning Service February 27th 2010

NFR MIT/AIT 2010 Dr. Seuss Services

Alana Ben-Zeev | Custom Saturday Morning | Feb 23, 2010

This is a fast paced and interactive service

Kol Shofar Torah and Musaf Services

Susan Simon | Traditional Saturday Morning | Feb 26, 2010

A special siddur to help Kol Shofar students in preparing for B'nai MItzvah services.

The Gabe A Weiner Service

Gabe Weiner | Traditional Saturday Morning | Feb 27, 2010

A modified version of the traditional Shacharit service

Jewish Ethics in Contrast to Pop Culture

Gabriel Aptekar | Pluralistic Saturday Morning | Mar 4, 2010

This service compares figures in pop culture to Jewish values and sees how they match up. This service is a great hands on service if you still want to get all the prayers in.

Sister Sister

Claire Nuchtern | Pluralistic Saturday Morning | Feb 27, 2010

Basic באשוך

Bob Blum | Traditional Saturday Morning | Mar 4, 2010

Basic Hebrew English Transliteration

RC 2010 Saturday Morning Services

Shira Barron | Pluralistic Saturday Morning | Mar 5, 2010

Beijing Bat Mitzvah

David Lindheimer | Pluralistic Saturday Morning | Mar 13, 2010

Bat Mitzvah service for Mia and Sophie at Beijing

The Beth-Ahm Service

Taylor Blau | Traditional Saturday Morning | Mar 9, 2010

A traditional service - built entirely as a class project for the Beth Ahm hebrew school. It was designed with children in mind - and should be quite an easy service.

Nature Walk Shabbat

Rebecca Getto | Pluralistic Saturday Morning | Apr 11, 2010

Saturday morning service exploring nature and how we can all relate to it.

My Service

Daniel Hertz-Kintish | Traditional Saturday Morning | Mar 15, 2010

Jonathan Rockhill's Bar Mitzvah Service

howard blas | Custom Saturday Morning | Mar 16, 2010

Jonathan's Creative Bar Mitzvah Service

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