Friday Evening Service

The Friday evening service in Judaism marks the welcoming of the Sabbath. Friday evening services take place just after the lighting of the Shabbat Candles (which happens at sunset), typically at home. Friday evening services are usually short, lasting about 45 minutes. The service itself is split into two sections beginning with the Kabbalat Shabbat service and concluding with Ma'ariv. Kabbalat Shabbat is the mystical prelude composed by 17th century Kabbalists (Kabbalah is a body of mystical Jewish teachings based on Hebrew Scripture). This Hebrew term literally means "Receiving the Sabbath". The Kabbalat Shabbat service transitions smoothly into Ma’ariv – the standard weekday service for evenings. In many communities, the congregation will precede Kabbalat Shabbat with the weekday afternoon service, called Mincha.